Kimihia te kahurangi; ki te piko tou matenga, ki to maunga teitei.

"Seek above all, that which is of the highest value; if you bow, let it be to the highest mountain".

 To cater for each child as an individual and to encourage each child to realise their full potential.

Te Kura o Te Pāroa is committed to ensuring that each child reaches their full physical academic, and artistic potential and capability.

➢     Literacy & Numeracy

➢     The Arts

➢     Sports

➢     Gifted & Talented

➢     Te Reo me ōna Tikanga

Taikina te wai Maori, kia pai rawa atu ai te rere.

"Look after the river of life, so that it may flow beautifully".

To develop students’ knowledge of Ngāti Awatanga and strengthen relationships and connections with Whānau, Hapu and Iwi.     

Te Kura o te Pāroa is committed to nuturing students' knowledge of who they are where they have  come from, and affirm our connections to  Whānau, Hapu and Iwi :

➢     Ngati Awatanga

➢     Cultural identity

➢     Whanau whanui

➢     Relationships

Taku rekereke, taku turangawaewae.

"Where I plant my heels is where I make my stand".

To nurture students in mind, body and spirit.

Te Kura o te Pāroa is committed to fostering each child's physical, spiritual and mental well-being :

➢     Foster individuality

➢     Recognise and observe cultural differences

➢     Non-discriminatory practices

➢     Foster positive attitudes and values

➢     Te Hāhi Ringatū

➢     Ngāti Awa kawa

He pukepuke moana, e ekengia e te waka kaha.

"A Heavy sea can be negotiated by a strong canoe".

To produce 21st Century learners capable of engaging with local community and the wider world.

Te  Kura o te Pāroa is committed to Producing students knowledgeable of 21st Century technology and expectations :

➢     Te Ao Hurihuri / The Changing World

➢     Business and Finance

➢     Inter-Media/Inter-Cultural Communication

➢     Problem Solving and Thinking Skills