Ngā Kaiako -  STAFF

Te Kura ō Te Pāroa seeks to employ staff who actively promote a school culture that recognizes and values the unique position of Māori in New Zealand society.


Teachers at Te Kura ō Te Pāroa are the transmitters of Māori cultural values, karakia and tikanga. Kaiako are an integral way these areas are able to be shared with the tamariki of Te Kura ō Te Pāroa.

All students participate in Performing arts. Haka is an area of strength for Te Kura ō Te Pāroa.

All Staff strive to ensure that our students are engaged in their learning and are achieving educational success, with a pride in their unique identity, language and culture as Māori.


Teachers at Te Kura o Te Pāroa recognise the need to collectively contribute to the success of our Tamariki. Currently we are developing a high trust model to guide the interactions and actions made by staff for the betterment and wellbeing of whanau, students and the community. This is a priority area for the school charter 2022 - 2025

 All teaching staff are expected to behave professionally and in accordance with the NZ Teachers Council Code of Ethics. The four (4) fundamental principles being:

School Staff

       Principal:         Erin Te Pou

  Deputy Principal:       Ramia Honatana         

  Auraki Kaihautū           Ramia Honatana

  Senior Rūmaki Kaihautū             Helen Kingi
                      Auraki Kaihautu Aroha Black

Ma Kaihautu (Senior Management)

Whaea Edna  Osborne
Rūmaki Kaihautū 
Whaea Cilla Gray
Year 1-3 Wānanga literacy  
               Whaea Helen Kingi
                             Year 4-6 Wānanga 
                       Kia hāngai ki te Putaiao 
Erin Te Pou
Ramia Honatana
Deputy Principal / Auraki Kaihautū
Yr 6/7/8 Wananga STEAM - science, technology,
engineering,arts, maths 
Whaea Aroha Black
Junior Auraki Kaihautū or Auraki Kaihautu  
Year 6/7/8 Wananga STEAM - science, technology, engineering,arts,maths and leadership

Administration / Office

Whaea Janet McLean

                      Finance and Resource Administrator

Erin Te Pou

Whaea Karen Nathan
School Administrator 

Rumaki Kaiako /Teacher Aides

Whaea Ripeka Koia
Tau 6/7&8 wananga - STEAM - science, technology, engineering,
arts,maths and leadership  
Whaea Kimiora Palmer
Literacy programme (STEPS) tutor/Teacher Aide
Whaea Edna  Osborne

Whaea Alana Moriarity
Teacher Aide
Whaea Reremoana Rota
Year 1-3 Wānanga. Kia hāngai ki te Pangarau 
Whaea  Rimu Tiakiwai
Teacher Aide

Whaea Te Rumate Mahutoto 

Year 4-6 Rumaki
Wananga Ako: Hangarau 

Whaea Whaora Rumaki kaiawhina
               Whaea Helen Kingi

Year 4-6 Rumaki
Wananga Ako: Putaiao

Whaea Faith Playle       Rumaki kaiawhina
Whaea Atareti HapeYear 1-3 wānanga. Kia hāngai ki te mahi Toi 

Whaea Joy Heremia
Rūmaki early words Kaiawhina 

Auraki Kaiako /Teacher Aides

Whaea Huia Brown
Year 4-6 Wānanga - Science 

Whaea Crystal Penny
Teacher Aide 

Whaea  Rose Herewini
Year 4-6 Wānanga technology focus 
            Matua Anaru Black
                             Auraki Kaiāwhina 

Whaea Helen Korewha
Year 1-3 Wānanga Maths 

Whaea Rerekau Foster
Auraki Kaiāwhina 

Whaea Jamie Pere
Year 1-3  wānanga Arts 

Whaea Christine Hall
Teacher Aide 
Whaea Cilla Gray
Year 1-3 Wānanga literacy  
Jacqueline Thrupp  
Auraki Kaiāwhina 

Whaea Monique Rio
Pekapekatahi Shared Teacher

Whaea Te Amiona Korewha
Pekapekatahi Shared Teacher

Support Staff \ Teacher Aides \ Teacher Release

Whaea  Debbie Hughes
Teacher Release

Matua William Berryman
ICT consultant 

Whaea Sarah Copeland
Learning support and attendance 

Karen Tutaki-Faulker
The Best Chef

            Whaea Delia Melbourne
                      Teacher release - Art 
Matua  Murray Korewha
Teacher release - NgatiAwatanga 
Matua Kirke Sawrey
Teacher release -  STEAM / Te Reo