Te Kura o Te Pāroa seeks to employ staff who actively promote a school culture that recognizes and values the unique position of Māori in New Zealand society.

Teachers at Te Kura o Te Pāroa are the transmitters of Māori cultural values, karakia and tikanga. Kaiako are an integral way these areas are able to be shared with the tamariki of Te Kura ō Te Pāroa.

All students participate in Performing arts. Haka is an area of strength for Te Kura o Te Pāroa.

All Staff strive to ensure that our students are engaged in their learning and are achieving educational success, with a pride in their unique identity, language and culture as Māori.

Teachers at Te Kura o Te Pāroa recognise the need to collectively contribute to the success of our Tamariki. Currently we are developing a high trust model to guide the interactions and actions made by staff for the betterment and wellbeing of whanau, students and the community. This is a priority area for the school charter 2022 - 2025

All teaching staff are expected to behave professionally and in accordance with the NZ Teachers Council Code of Ethics. The four (4) fundamental principles being:

1. AUTONOMY: to treat people with rights that are to be honoured and defended;

2. JUSTICE: to share power and prevent the abuse of power;

3.RESPONSIBLE: care to do good and minimize harm to others;

4. TRUTH: to be honest with others and self.

If you have any questions about staff, please make an appointment to see the Principal.