Ngā Kaiako - STAFF

Te Kura ō Te Pāroa seeks to employ staff who actively promote a school culture that recognizes and values the unique position of Māori in New Zealand society.

Teachers at Te Kura ō Te Pāroa are the transmitters of Māori cultural values, karakia and tikanga. Kaiako are an integral way these areas are able to be shared with the tamariki of Te Kura ō Te Pāroa.

All students participate in Performing arts. Haka is an area of strength for Te Kura ō Te Pāroa.

All Staff strive to ensure that our students are engaged in their learning and are achieving educational success, with a pride in their unique identity, language and culture as Māori.

Teachers at Te Kura o Te Pāroa recognise the need to collectively contribute to the success of our Tamariki. Currently we are developing a high trust model to guide the interactions and actions made by staff for the betterment and wellbeing of whanau, students and the community. This is a priority area for the school charter 2022 - 2025

All teaching staff are expected to behave professionally and in accordance with the NZ Teachers Council Code of Ethics. The four (4) fundamental principles being:

  1. AUTONOMY: to treat people with rights that are to be honoured and defended;

  2. JUSTICE: to share power and prevent the abuse of power;

  3. RESPONSIBLE: care to do good and minimize harm to others;

  4. TRUTH: to be honest with others and self.

School Staff

Principal: Erin Te Pou

Deputy Principal: Ramia Honatana

Rūmaki Kaihautū Teia Herewini

Auraki Kaihautū Ramia Honatana

Senior Rūmaki Kaihautū Mark Pouwhare
Auraki Kaihautu Aroha Black

Whaea Ripeka Koia
Tau 6/7&8 wananga - STEAM - science, technology, engineering,
arts,maths and leadership

Whaea Kimiora Palmer
Literacy programme (STEPS) tutor

Matua Murray Korewha
Teacher release - NgatiAwatanga

Whaea Aroha Black
Junior Auraki Kaihautū or Auraki Kaihautu
Year 6/7/8 Wananga STEAM - science, technology, engineering,arts,maths and leadership

Whaea Christine Hall
Teacher Aide

Whaea Atareti Hape
Rūmaki Kaiawhina.

Whaea Huia Brown
Year 4-6 Wānanga - Science focus

Whaea Rose Herewini
Year 4-6 Wānanga technology focus

Whaea Janet McLean

Finance and Resource Administrator

Whaea Karen Nathan
School Administrator

Whaea Maraea Porter
Auraki Kaiāwhina

Whaea Ngahaka HeiHei
Rūmaki kaiawhina

Whaea Crystal Penny
Teacher Aide

Whaea Helen Korewha
Year 1-3 Wānanga Maths

Whaea Sarah Copeland
Learning support and attendance

Whaea Joy Heremia
Rūmaki early words Kaiawhina

Matua Kirke Sawrey
Teacher release - STEAM / Te Reo

Whaea Jamie Pere
Year 1-3 wānanga Arts

Erin Te Pou

Ramia Honatana
Deputy Principal / Auraki Kaihautū
Yr 6/7/8 Wananga STEAM - science, technology,
engineering,arts, maths

Whaea Rerekau Foster
Auraki Kaiāwhina

Whaea Reremoana Rota
Year 1-3 Wānanga. Kia hāngai ki te Pangarau

Whaea Teia Herewini
Rūmaki Kaihautū
Year 1-3 wānanga. Kia hāngai ki te mahi Toi

Whaea Cilla Gray
Year 1-3 Wānanga literacy

Matua William Berryman
ICT consultant

Whaea Delia Melbourne
Teacher release - Art

Chris Duley

Matua David Kinghazel
Auraki Kaiāwhina

Karen Tutaki-Faulker
The Best Chef

Jacqueline Thrupp
Auraki Kaiāwhina

Matua Anaru Black
Auraki Kaiāwhina

Whaea Helen Kingi
Year 4-6 Wānanga - Kia hāngai ki te Putaiao

Whaea Judith Kapita
Te Pekapekatahi (transitional Class)